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Introduction to Structured Programming

General data

Course ID: 0600-IS1-1PPS#a Erasmus code / ISCED: 11.303 / (0612) Database and network design and administration
Course title: Introduction to Structured Programming Name in Polish: Introduction to Structured Programming
Department: (in Polish) Instytut Informatyki
Course groups: (in Polish) 1 rok 1 stopnia sem. zimowy Informatyka
(in Polish) 3L stac. I st. studia informatyki - przedmioty obowiązkowe
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 7.00
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Language: English
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Short description:

Learn the basics and methodology of information processing in computer (representation of information, information processing on machine-level and high-level languages). Learn the methodology of programming in C.

Full description:

Course profile: General Academic

Form of study: Full-time studies

Course type: Obligatory

Year/semester of study: 1 / 1

Prerequisites (sequential system of courses and exams):

Lecture: 30 Laboratory classes: 15 Exercise classes: 30

Teaching methods: Lecture, exercises with tests (at least four), tasks solved at the laboratory classes

ECTS credits: 7

Balance of student workload:

Class attendance:

- lecture 30h

- exercise classes 30h

- laboratory classes 15h

Course preparation:

- lecture 15h

- exercise classes 30h

- laboratory classes 15h

Literature study: 10h

Reports, homeworks: 10h

Preparation for tests: 15h

Preparation for the exam: 10h

Exam duration: 3h

Individual consultation with the teacher: 30h

Student workload:

Direct interaction with the teacher: 108, 4 ECTS

Practical exercises: 45, 2 ECTS


Main literature:

B. Kernighan, D. Ritchie. The C Programming Language. Prentice Hall, 1998

N. Wirth, Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs. Prentice-Hall, 1975

Supplementary literature:

GCC documentation.

Learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes:

Knows the basic computer operations (CPU - Central Processing Unit, registers, memory, machine language and assembler), knows the methods of numerical data representation (fixed-point code, the two's complement, floating point code) and text data in computer memory. X1A_U03, X1A_U06, T1A_U04, T1A_U10

Knows the concept of the problem and the algorithm, knows the methods and tools to formulate algorithms (flowcharts, verbal descriptions), knows the basic programming constructs (expressions, assignment operation, iterative and conditional constructions). X1A_W02, T1A_W03, T1A_W07

Is able to formulate simple algorithms in the form of flowcharts and verbal descriptions. X1A_W02, T1A_W03, T1A_W07

Is able to apply basic types and data structures (scalar, array, structural) and basic programming constructs (operators, expressions, simple and complex instructions, iterative instructions, conditional instructions, instructions for input / output) for the construction of simple programs in a programming C language. X1A_W04, T1A_W03, T1A_W07

Is able to separate the logical and functional fragments of the program in the form of procedures (functions) of C language, can apply the methods of communication between procedures of C language (formal parameters, global variables). X1A_W04, T1A_W03, T1A_W07

Is able to use advanced programming techniques: dynamic memory management, dynamic data structures (variable-length arrays, lists), recursion. X1A_W04, T1A_W03, T1A_W07

Distinguishes between universal knowledge in the field of programming and technical skills depending on the applied technology. Understands the need for improvement in terms of universal knowledge and the need for continuous enhancement of technical skills. X1A_W04, T1A_W03, T1A_W07

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Form of assessment: exam

Classes in period "Academic year 2018/2019" (in progress)

Time span: 2018-10-01 - 2019-06-30
Choosen plan division:

see course schedule
Type of class: Class, 30 hours more information
Laboratory, 15 hours more information
Lecture, 30 hours more information
Coordinators: Jarosław Kotowicz
Group instructors: (unknown)
Students list: (inaccessible to you)
Examination: Examination
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