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Network Technologies

General data

Course ID: 0600-IS1-2TSI#a Erasmus code / ISCED: 11.101 / (unknown)
Course title: Network Technologies Name in Polish: Network Technologies
Department: (in Polish) Instytut Informatyki
Course groups: (in Polish) 2 rok 1 stopnia sem. letni Informatyka
(in Polish) 3L stac. I st. studia informatyki - przedmioty obowiązkowe
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 4.00
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Language: English
Type of course:

obligatory courses


Operating Systems 0600-IS1-2SOP


(in Polish) w sali

Short description:

Course objectives: The aim of the course is to familiarize students with basic concepts related to computer networks and the networks administration. Course contents: ISO/OSI (7 layers) and TCP/IP (4 layers) models - the protocols and features, IP addressing, routing, switching, Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Full description:

Course profile: General Academic

Form of study: Full-time studies

Course type: Obligatory

Year/semester of study: 2 / 4

Prerequisites (sequential system of courses and exams):

Items introducing: Operating Systems,

Lecture: 30 Laboratory classes: 30

Teaching methods: lectures, laboratory exercises

ECTS credits: 4

Balance of student workload:

Class attendance:

- lecture 30h

- laboratory classes 30h

Course preparation:

- lecture 0h

- laboratory classes 10h

Literature study: 10h

Reports, homeworks: 0h

Preparation for tests: 10h

Preparation for the exam: 10h

Exam duration: 1h

Individual consultation with the teacher: 5h

Student workload:

Direct interaction with the teacher: 66, 2 ECTS

Practical exercises: 50, 2 ECTS


Basic literature:

O. Bonaventure, Computer Networking : Principles, Protocols and Practice,

P. L. Dordal, An Introduction to Computer Networks,

C. M. Kozierok, The TCP/IP Guide: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Internet Protocols Reference,

Learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes:

1. The student knows 4 and 7 layers models of the network and is able to characterize their individual layers (known principle of the fundamental protocols of each layer). K_W09

2. The student can design a local area network (taking into account the technology of Virtual Local Area networks (VLANs) and a coherent addressing IPv4) and knows the rules of the division of the network into subnets. K_W09

3. The student can configure the network interfaces and capture, log and analyze data transferred between two devices for the purpose of troubleshooting network. K_U12

4. The student can plan a coherent IPv4 addressing and divide a network into subnets. K_U12

5. The student can perform a basic configuration of the programmable switch and router and run static routing in a small network K_U12

6. The student can set up an encrypted VPN tunnel between routers K_U12

7. The student creatively solves posed problems K_K05

8. The student can systematically acquire knowledge about network technologies. K_K02

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Form of lecture assessment: written test. Assesment of laboratory exercises: exercises reports, activity on the class.

Classes in period "Academic year 2018/2019" (in progress)

Time span: 2018-10-01 - 2019-06-30
Choosen plan division:

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Type of class: Laboratory, 30 hours more information
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Coordinators: (unknown)
Group instructors: (unknown)
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Examination: Grading
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