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Computer Support for Mathematics

General data

Course ID: 0600-MS2-1KWO Erasmus code / ISCED: 11.304 / (0612) Database and network design and administration
Course title: Computer Support for Mathematics Name in Polish: Komputerowe wspomaganie obliczeń matematycznych
Department: (in Polish) Zakład Fizyki Matematycznej
Course groups: (in Polish) 2L stac. II st. studia matematyki - przedmioty obowiązkowe
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): (not available)
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Short description:

Course objectives: The goal of the course is to present applications of computer software to mathematical calculations and reasoning (Mathematica, Matlab, Maple, Octave, Maxima, GNUPlot, Otter, etc.)

Full description:

Course profile: academic

Form of study: stationary

Course type: obligatory

Academic discipline: Mathematics, field of study in the arts and science: mathematics

Year: 1, semester: 2

Prerequisities: none

lecture 30 h. laboratory class 30 h.

Verification methods: lectures, consultations, projects, presentations, studying literature, home works, discussions in groups.

ECTS credits: 5

Balance of student workload:

attending lectures15x2h = 30h

attending laboratories 15x2h = 30h

preparation for classes 7x3h = 21h

completing notes after exercises and lectures 7x2h = 14h

consultations 12x1h = 12h

preparation of medium size projects 30h = 30h

final work: preparation and defense 9h + 1h = 10h

control works: repeating the material and preparation 3x4h = 12h

Quantitative description

Direct interaction with the teacher: 75 h., 2 ECTS

Practical exercises: 100 h., 2 ECTS

Learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes:

Knows symbolic and numeric methods to solve basic mathematical problems.K_W12, K_K08

Acquires skills to solve mathematical problems involving: mathematical proofs, arithmetic, transforming and simplifying algebraic expressions, equations and system of equations solving, elementary mathematical analysis, functions plotting by use of computer software.K_W11, K_W08, K_W10

Knows methods of approximation and of exporting of results, interpolation functions, programming, can visualize results, create animations.K_W09

Knows constraints of some algorithms and their practical applications, also knows difficulties associated with numerical realization and certain solutions to these problems.K_U19, K_U20

Can perform a correct interpretation of the results.K_K02, K_K03

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

The overall form of credit for the course: test

This course is not currently offered.
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