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Kod przedmiotu: 0800-ERA-7GHT Kod Erasmus / ISCED: 05.001 / (0110) Pedagogika
Nazwa przedmiotu: Andragogy
Jednostka: Wydział Pedagogiki i Psychologii
Grupy: Erasmus - lato
Erasmus - zima
pedagogika ERASMUS
Punkty ECTS i inne: 4.00
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Język prowadzenia: angielski
Rodzaj przedmiotu:


Założenia (opisowo):

(tylko po angielsku) Presenting issues which constituting an Andragogy - adult man, his development, educational process.

Tryb prowadzenia przedmiotu:

w sali

Skrócony opis: (tylko po angielsku)

1. Transmission of knowledge about intellectual development opportunities of man during adulthood and underline the weight of past accomplishments and current life situation in shaping the future.

2. Determine the institutional and pedagogical dimension support human development.

3. Understanding the problems of late adulthood and social implications arising from the aging of the population.

4. Awareness of the responsibility in shaping their own future based on biographical analysis.

Pełny opis: (tylko po angielsku)

Profile of studies - general-academic

Form of studies - full-time

Type of subject - obligatory subject (basic module)

Field and discipline of science - social sciences

Year of study/semester - ERASMUS +

Prerequisites (the so-called sequential system classes and exams) - general knowledge of pedagogy, psychology, developmental psychology, basic social problems

The number of hours of teaching assignments by forms of teaching - exercise 15 hours

Teaching methods - assessment of student's activity during classes, preparation and presentation of issues related to the content discussed during classes, consultations.

ECTS points - 4

The balance of the student's work - exercises and consultations 35h - 1,5 ECTS point; preparation for classes 35h - 1,5 ECTS point; preparation of the final work 20h - 1 ECTS point

Quantitative indicators - student work related to classes

a) that require direct involvement of the teacher (including lectures and consultations, during which the student may discuss the questions that it issues) - 35h - 1,5 ECTS

b) practical - 60h - 2,5 ECTS

Literatura: (tylko po angielsku)

1) Dominicé, P. (2000) : Learning from our lives. Using Educational Biographies with Adults. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass.

2) Kearsley, G. (2010). Andragogy (M.Knowles). The theory Into practice database. Retrieved from http://tip.psychology.org

3) Knowles, M. (1984). Andragogy in Action. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

4) Knowles, M. et al. (1984). Moving from pedagogy to andragogy. Retrieved March 16, 2007, from http://www-distance.syr.edu/andraggy.html

5) Marcinkiewicz A. (2011), The University of the Third Age as an institution counteracting marginalization of older people, Journal of Education Culture and Society No. 2

6) Monteagudo J., G., (2014), Educational autobiography in a university context: our past and present through thought and feeling. (Published in Italian, as a chapter book, under the title: “Una esperienza di autobiografia all´Università. Tra pensiero ed emozioni”, in: L. Formenti (Ed.) (2006): Dare voce al cambiamento .La ricerca interroga la vita adulta. Milano, Italy: Unicopli, pages 201--‐214. ISBN: 8840011242).

7) Norah Md Noor, Jamalludin Harun, Baharuddin Aris, (2012), Andragogy and Pedagogy Learning Model Preference among Undergraduate Students, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 56, p. 673 – 678

8) Pew, S. (2007), Andragogy and Pedagogy as Foundational Theory for Student Motivation in Higher Education, Student Motivation, Vol. 2

Efekty uczenia się: (tylko po angielsku)

K_W01: She/He knows the terminology used in pedagogy and its application in related disciplines at the extended level.

K_U07: She/He has the in-depth skills to observe, diagnose, rational assessment of complex educational situation and analyze the motives and patterns of human behavior.

K_K03: Appreciates the importance of pedagogical sciences for the development of the individual and proper relationships in social environments,

has positive attitude to acquire knowledge of the studied discipline and building a pedagogue's workshop.

K_K05: Is convinced of the necessity and importance of behavior in a professional manner and observing the rules of professional ethics; recognizes and formulates moral problems and ethical dilemmas related to own and other people's work; looking for optimal solutions and the possibility of correcting incorrect pedagogical activities.

Metody i kryteria oceniania: (tylko po angielsku)

Completion of the subject follows a positive assessment (minimum 3.0)

Zajęcia w cyklu "Rok akademicki 2018/19" (zakończony)

Okres: 2018-10-01 - 2019-06-30
Wybrany podział planu:

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Typ zajęć: Ćwiczenia, 15 godzin więcej informacji
Koordynatorzy: Krzysztof Czykier
Prowadzący grup: Krzysztof Czykier
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