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Welcome to University of Bialystok's USOSweb page

We recommend Mozilla Firefox browser in version 100 or higher.

Login to the CAS authorization system

Please use your email address as your login ID for the CAS authentication system. In the case of students, this will be the address, for example:, in the case of employees, for example:


USOSweb is offline at 16:45-16:50 and 02:05-02:50 (because of data migration).


Instruction of payment for studies and electronic student card

Access to EDUROAM network

Access to eduPortal


The student's primary mailbox for communication with the University of Bialystok will be the mailbox with the address:
<first letter of name><first letter of surname><index_no>
for example: .
The mailbox is available at address or in the Office365 package (login via CAS).


Mobile USOS UwB - is available at Google Play (details in COMMON SECTION)

GLOTTA offers language courses for students, PhD students and UwB staff. More information is available at

Wireless EDUROAM network for UwB students is online. You can connect using as login and using the same password as in USOSweb. More information is available at

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